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Hey everyone!

The blog has moved to Blogger and can be found here:

Please update your bookmarks and blog rolls, and join me at the new home of MiniJunkie.

Note that I will likely continue to update the Galleries here because I like the functionality of them, but regular blog posts will be at the new location. And I hope to hear more from you guys in comments over there! :)

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Migration to Blogger

Hey everyone! So, I think I'm going to pull the trigger on moving to Blogger as a platform. Right now I'm messing around with layout/design etc and trying to make it not quite so hard on the eyes - but it's a start. This should hopefully allow for a few things: easier to follow the blog (subscribe/follow), easier to comment (so hopefully I'll get more of those...), and basically the blog will follow all the conventions used by other blogger sites.  Like when you click on an image in a blog post it will enlarge. Basic stuff like that!

The 2 things I like better about my current site are the ability to feature an Ebay auction, and the gallery functionality. Ok I also like how easy this thing is to update, but I suppose I just need to get used to Blogger's interface.

Here's the new home for the blog, I'm still transitioning though. Ultimately I'll point the domain at the Blogger blog and not this one.

Super Dungeon Explore...and those damn Hobbits

This is a bit random, these guys were half finished for a long time - I'm trying to finish up a fully painted set of SDE for ebay pre-Christmas.

Also, I was totally not going to buy the really expensive Hobbit store. But at my LGS, they had the set mostly assembled and I got taken in by all that nice looking plastic. I picked up the starter set and the terrain box, even though yes I realize people say you can just make that with popsicle sticks :P

Lately I've been trying to convince myself I'm not a gamer, just a hobbyist. If I can focus on painting and not lamenting my inability to get in any of these great games I'm always drooling over, maybe I can be content. Plus then I can stop buying armies and half painting them. (who am I kidding, 20% painting them). With kids, work and "life", I rarely ever have time to learn and play any of the awesome games out there. Although, yet again Infinity has caught my eye. You know, the thing with Infinity: I think they'd be seeing even more succcess if (a) they took another look at how they lay out and present their rules, and (b) they gave the units in the game easier names to remember. I realize they are being creative, but I can't help thinking the broader gaming community would have an easier time "latching onto" the game if the names of troops etc were easier to grasp and remember.

Sorry - I'm a little stream-of-consciousness today :)

Chaos Space Marines Heldrake - better shots

Took some better shots, although I'm realizing now my camera lens is filthy and it's affecting my images! I'll fix that for next time. I posted a variety of shots in the Chaos marines gallery - here's a sample:

Iron Warriors Helldrake

Finished this guy today - need to do the base of course, and then he'll be up on ebay. Not sure when because I don't want to end an auction on  Thanksgiving weekend in the US :)

Nurgle Lord

Here's the results of my first go with this model - I don't think it will be the last, he's quite fun to paint and didn't take long. I feel like he looks better in person than in the photos (isn't that always the case?).

Radio Silence!

Hi everyone - sorry for the lack of updates lately. Work really kicked into overdrive in the last couple of weeks as we draft plans for Dragon Age 3. It's been long days, and what free time I have generally has to be spent on my kids and family "stuff". And the odd short session of video gaming.

Although I did start painting the  Heldrake from GW, the last miniature I completely finished is the Hellbrute below. He's going on ebay this evening as a matter of fact.

I picked up a couple of the new Warriors of Chaos sets. I'm hoping to paint up the Warshrine and 3 of the Khorne skullcrushers (every time I read that, I think of the triceps exercise).

But before that, I'm going to paint a model I've had in my unpainted pile for a long time - the Nurgle Lord plastic model:
Nurgle Chaos Lord

(image is from the GW site)

I love this model, I have ever since I first saw it. I think it's one of my favorite GW models in their entire current range (troop model). I also love that he's plastic and not main beef with finecast isn't the bubbles, it's that I find it really brittle.

There's so much character in this model, but so much room for a painter to have fun as well. It's a great balance of detail and painting "room". The only problem I have with him is the head seems small (probably intentional to make him more creepy) but I think I'll save a head-swap for next time I paint him. I doubt this will be the only time I paint one :)  Have to find a suitable head too....

So anyway, I don't know how long he'll take but I've already got him started.  There are several amazing examples on CoolMiniOrNot as well, showing what can be achieved with this simple model.

Finished Hellbrute

This guy took me much longer than I anticipated. The model is replete with details - it's a really cool model as I mentioned before. I think it rewards any additional effort put into painting it. I'm not sure I'm completely satisfied with the weathering, but have to call it done. I have a primed Heldrake I was thinking of also doing in a similar Iron Warriors style, but not sure I have the stamina!

Iron Warriors Chaos Hellbrute WIP

I've been a fan of this model since it was first previewed as part of the Dark Vengeance set for 40K quite some time ago. I think it's really dynamic and has a lot of character and visual interest. It's also very detailed, showing what plastic kits are capable of these days. In fact, as I paint it I've continued to stumble on details I didn't notice at first, like the little "maw" on his lower right (viewer's right) side.

Still a fair bit of work to be done, including rust/weathering like I used on the Forgefiend.  This guy is Ebay bound when I eventually get him done...

Sorry for the lack of updates!

Hi everyone,

Finished painting up this Iron Warriors Forgefiend. I'm working on some other Iron Warriors stuff including some of the new infantry, and some basic chaos marines. Sorry I haven't been updating - I've been a little busy. Hope to get some new posts going soon.

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